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Bass Tax Recovery Service

In today’s complex tax environment, many corporate tax departments are forced to focus their limited resources on the most burdensome of taxes – namely, federal and state income taxes. Restrictions on budget and personnel frequently make it necessary for corporations to concentrate their tax efforts where there is the greatest exposure. By reviewing public records, BTRS identifies those businesses that have likely overpaid miscellaneous state and local taxes. BTRS precisely isolates those taxes that are often overlooked and tells you the likelihood that there is a tax savings opportunity to pursue. BTRS’s tax reducing services are performed entirely on a contingency basis. If we save your company any taxes, we get paid. If we don’t save your company taxes, we get nothing. There is therefore no risk for companies to look into the opportunity that we present. Even if a company is entitled to a tax savings, but chooses not to pursue it, there is no obligation to pay us. Our work is designed to be risk-free.

Bass Tax Recovery Service

  • Bass Tax Recovery Service (BTRS) is a division of Bass Tax Group with the mission of recovering overpaid taxes for clients.
  • BTRS identifies miscellaneous state and local taxes that have been overlooked.
  • BTRS can identify overpaid taxes that have gone unnoticed and develop a strategy that will recover and save taxes in the future.
  • BTRS utilizes unique research methodologies involving an analysis of public tax and financial information and application of our own quantitative models. Our research identifies probable candidates for tax benefits before our first contact is made with a company.
  • No on-site visits or meetings are necessary. All work is done by phone, fax, email and/or mail. We are designed to be time-efficient and to offer positive cash-flows to our clients.

The BTRS Advantage

  • Our Contingency Arrangement: Our fee structure means that working with us is cash-flow positive for our clients. You don’t pay for our services unless they are fruitful.
  • Our Risk-Free Guarantee: Our services can always be turned down at any point in the process without financial costs or penalty.
  • Ongoing Savings: We show companies what to do to lower their tax burdens every year in the future.
  • Ease: We work quickly and efficiently. Our job is done entirely by phone, fax, email and/or mail. We do not come to your offices and interrupt your workflow.
  • Research Done Up-Front: BTRS only contacts companies that our unique research methodologies have identified as probable candidates for a specific refund. This makes our work efficient, for us and for our clients.
  • Discrete Service: We identify specific, likely overpayments and work with our clients to secure only those particular refunds. We do not request access to all of our clients’ financial information.